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Association of the first Japan ceramics modern ceramic art prize for encouragement Hokkaido exhibition


We developed various activities that association of Japanese ceramics was established in 1946 in order to include Japanese ceramics culture, and to put up and contributed to rich life culture of Japan for development of ceramics culture that you should boast of to the world again. From 47 metropolis and districts as for modern ceramic art encouragement prize exhibition of the whole country…]

By kiln uphill on Wednesday, September 21 Jomon drum concert (appreciation for free)


[costarring - Jomon drum concert of flame and music]   We hold drum concert in Jomon when tone and sound pressure that are solid in Nobori-gama Pottery Kiln which flame louder than 17:00 goes up on Wednesday, September 21 in meeting place shake neighboring air. As can appreciate general one, too; in flame and music…]

[visit possibility] We bake ceramic art work in Nobori-gama Pottery Kiln.


  We bake ceramic art work by loud flame while putting a large quantity of firewood in "Nobori-gama Pottery Kiln" of Sapporo Art Park from Saturday, September 17 to Sunday, September 25. Besides smoke goes up from Sapporo Art Park with this, but the staff is 24 hours…]

kurashito, craft of September

Seven) mirufiori 1

  Discerning industrial arts, print classroom "kurashito, craft" that "living" and "craft" become a lot close in; slowly and carefully

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